Rapid prototyping & Angie & Slack application

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We’re trying new ideas for our startupย and they need to be tested quickly. With real users. We’re just connecting available dots without reinventing the wheel if there’s existing solution for particular problem. Here’s an example what we just did in a few days. Our flagship Frank is well accepted by customers. They like it, because it’s simple (survey with five questions) and it gives them good results. When compared to another performance review tools (like 360, etc. Read More...

Python IDE on the iPad Pro

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My career is kind of colourful. I was working on aircraft systems, VoIP HW & SW, developing Linux kernel drivers, Linux distributions, and many other low level (RTOS) & high level (desktop applications) stuff. Linux nerd. I said enough one day. I wanted to just work and wasnโ€™t willing to continue wasting my time with searching how to workaround this and that. Bye bye Linux, did spend nice 10 years with you. Read More...

AWS journey โ€” API Gateway & Lambda & VPC performance

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We decided to hide some EC2 instances in private subnets (VPC). Theyโ€™re accessible via bastion hosts or via API (API Gateway & Lambda). Works well, but thereโ€™s one weird issueโ€Šโ€”โ€Šcold lambda start time is over 10s sometimes. We experienced even 15s. This is not acceptable and Iโ€™m seeking for answers to my questions. Does increased memory size help? Is this huge cold start time VPC related? Is there a difference when we do use another language? Read More...